Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Message From the CEO

 Sustainable peace in the South Asian region has at times seemed like an insurmountable problem for many reasons. However, at Crossroads Consultants, we are convinced that one of the best ways to bring peace to the region is to make it prosperous.

 Hence our motto “Peace Through Prosperity.”

 From meeting with public and private sector stakeholders, to hosting events and launching the Afghanistan-Pakistan Trade Portal, we are heavily invested in increasing trade and people-to-people contact between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

 Our panel of consultants from both countries, and international agencies and thinktanks are providing invaluable support in bridging gaps in knowledge and connections so people on either side of the border benefit.

 We are optimists and believe that our goal can be reached by taking small but concrete steps that will lay the foundation for a mutually beneficial relationship between Afghanistan and Pakistan and eventually further afield.

Simbal A. Khan


about us



Our panel of consultants comprises experts from Peacebuilding, development, and public sectors who are committed to fostering mutually beneficial relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We provide high-level consultant support to regional trade, business, governance, peace building, and resilience issues especially in Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia. We also advise on programs / best practices where required. 

We also offer research and analysis services to parties from both countries as required.


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Crossroad Consultants’ key beneficiaries include entrepreneurs of the Afghanistan – Pakistan region especially its youth and women. We are especially interested in women entrepreneurship and women’s skill training as we firmly believe they represent the engines of change for a prosperous and peaceful future. 

We plan and execute programs that can help these groups on both sides of the border, working with both the private sector and public sector entities and institutions in the regional space, including governments and businesses. 

Our key stakeholders also include multilateral and bilateral donors who are engaged in promoting regional connectivity and peace and prosperity such as the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, and UN agencies and international co-operations. 

We also aim to partner with both local regional and international think tanks and institutions that support creating of knowledge.

Our consultants, experts and officials get the required information for these small businesses from official sources such as the Ministry of Commerce, the Board of Investment, the Federal Bureau of Revenue and others in Pakistan and their counterparts in Afghanistan.